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Laminar Flow Providing Quality Assurance for Dashboard Camera Technologies

Built to: Protect sensitive electronic components
Type: Laminar Flow

What did our client need?

Trakm8 is a technology leader in fleet management and their range of dashboard camera systems improve safety for both commercial and domestic drivers. Listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, Trakm8’s brand is synonymous with quality and trust. 

Trakm8’s tracking units feature dual cameras for monitoring inside and outside the cab. As their products are relied on to improve driver safety and increase efficiency, quality assurance is paramount.

When Trakm8 were looking for a clean environment to assemble their sensitive products, they approached Connect 2 Cleanrooms. Components such as PCBs need to be protected from contamination as they could be physically damaged by dust and are also subject to damage through static charges.

How did we help our client?

With this in mind, Connect 2 Cleanrooms explored contamination control options with Trakm8 and supplied a laminar flow cabinet using HEPA filtration, which is 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 micron, to provide filtered air supply over integrated stainless steel benching. 

In-built lighting illuminates the work area to improve visibility for the high precision tasks and reduce eye strain for operatives. An Ionstorm bar also prevents harmful static charges from damaging sensitive electronic components.

How did our client benefit?

Trakm8 now benefit from a freestanding workspace which provides a complete & scalable production area.  

The dust free environment protects the assembly of their end product and means their clients can be assured of the quality and consistency of their end product – which supports business growth. 

Connect 2 Cleanrooms Laminar Flow Units are available from stock at, our consumables division.

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