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ISO Class 5 Negative Pressure Enclosure

Built to: provide a negative pressure enclosure
Size: 3.6m²
Type: hardwall, stainless steel

What did our client need?

Our client needed a negative pressure enclosure for a pharmaceutical process.

How did we help our client?

We created a negative pressure enclosure that met particle counts according to ISO 14644-Part 1 class 5 (GMP A).

ULPA filters supply the clean air in to the environment  and side walls are clear, robust panels, within a stainless steel frame work.

How did the client benefit?

It operates by exhausting a portion of the air drawn into the filtration system, creating a negative pressure that pulls air away from the operator.

The stainless steel construction is non-corrosive, making it easy to clean and the clear panels allow good light transfer with the entrance area.

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