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Hardwall Cleanroom with HEPA-lite™ Frame for Injection Moulding Process

Built to: house injection moulding machines
Size: 68.6m²
Type: Hardwall with automated HEPA-lite™ canopies

Class: ISO Class 7
Size: 68.6m² 
Filtration: HEPA fan filter units
Air changes per hour: 162 at an air speed of 0.45m/s in the main area

What did our client need? 

Our client required a cleanroom to house an injection moudling machine, however they still require overhead access to the machine to make tool changes. 

How did we help our client?

Through a user-friendly touch screen interface, our client is able to remotely activate a retractable sliding frame for tool change access.

The HEPA-lite frame contains an ULPA filter, so when in place it provides clean air over the tool face, which is a high risk area for contamination.

However, when the client makes tool changes, they can slide this frame back and access the area.

How did the client benefit?

This means the client has an injection moulding cleanroom to provide clean plastics production with safe and controlled access to the tool face.

This limits downtime for cleaning, reduces risk of contamination and increases productivity.

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