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Hardwall Cleanroom with Automated HEPA-lite™ Canopies for Injection Moulding Process

Built to: house 2 injection moulding machines
Size: 44m²
Type: Hardwall with automated HEPA-lite™ canopies

Class: ISO Class 7/8
Size: 44m² 
Filtration: HEPA fan filter units
Air changes per hour: 121 at an air speed of 0.45m/s in the main area

What did our client need? 

The continuous improvement strategy towards cost-effective, lean production comes with an explicit requirement for innovation and scalability for today’s manufacturing facilities.

In looking to increase their manufacturing capability offering with cleanroom production, Tex Plastics’, found both with Lancaster-based cleanroom solutions provider, Connect 2 Cleanrooms.

Tex Plastics’ mission to develop higher performing, lower cost solutions for its clients, is now complemented with a class 7/8 clean room system that includes automated clean-air HEPA-lite™ canopies, controllable by a user-friendly touch screen interface.

How did we help our client?

We designed a cleanroom system that uses automated clean-air HEPA-lite™ canopies, controllable by a user-friendly touch screen interface. 

Through a user-friendly touch screen interface, our client is able to remotely activate actuators that slide sealed HEPA-lite™ canopies back to allow overhead crane access to tooling. 

This customer driven requirement ensures that clean air is supplied at the critical point of production and reduces contamination by significantly limiting the areas of machinery that are exposed to the external environment during tooling changes. This limits downtime for cleaning, reduces risk of contamination and increases productivity.

See the cleanroom and watch the automated canopies in the video below.

How did the client benefit?

The touch screen interface also acts as a control system, allowing full control of HEPA filtration and lighting levels, as well as monitoring pressure levels and alerting staff if the cleanroom is operating out of specification.

All of the pressure data is logged, exportable and auditable, to demonstrate performance and continued compliance of the production processes.

There are 4 zones inside Tex Plastics’ cleanroom separated by partitions; two for Arburg injection moulding machines, a packing area and a goods transfer area. If one machine needs decommissioning or servicing, this can safely be done without affecting any of the other processes. 

The modular design means that additional space can be added to accommodate more machinery or create a larger packing area. This gives clients the peace of mind that scalability and future capacity is achievable when required.

Tex Plastics supplied 3D models of their machines allowing Connect 2 Cleanrooms to maximise on floor space when designing its cleanroom and ensure a seamless installation programme with minimal disruption to Tex Plastic’s production team.

The cleanroom is now fully operational, complimenting an already comprehensive “concept to completion” project solution for all conventional, white room and cleanroom thermoplastic requirements. 

Meticulous project management of comprehensive tooling validation protocols including scientific moulding disciplines means Tex Plastics assure technical capability and a competitive edge, with a cleanroom production facility operating at maximum efficiency.

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