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ISO 7 Hybrid Cleanroom w/ Temp & Humidity Control

Built to: create a critical environment in Pharmaceutical packaging applications
Size: 48m²

What did our client need?

Class: ISO class 7 (Federal class 10,000)
Size: 12m x 4m
Filtration: HEPA filtration
Air changes per hour: 175

Additional features:

Temperature control: 20°C ± 2°C
Humidity control: 45% Rh ± 5%
3 Zone independent control
Hybrid softwall and hardwall room

How did we help our client?

Applications within the room include coating, drying, blister tray sealing and pouch sealing, therefore the environment was critical. Our modular cleanroom solutions are easily shipped internationally, so the installation in Copenhagen was no object.

A continuous monitoring of the outer environments temperature and humidity was carried out which enabled us to specify a bespoke and fit for purpose solution without adding unnecessary cost by over compensating.

How did the client benefit?

We designed a ISO class 7 hybrid softwall and hardwall modular cleanroom with temperature and humidity control.  The room was installed within 3 days on site in northern Copenhagen.

About the client

Our client is an international consumer healthcare and medical devices company dedicated to enhancing the quality of life.

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