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ISO Class 7 Panel System for Satellite Assembly

Built to: protect sensitive electronics assembly
Size: 82m²
Type: Hardwall

Class: ISO Class 7 
Size: 82m² 
Filtration: HEPA ceiling fan filter units
Air changes per hour: 75 at an air speed of 0.45m/s

What did the client need? 

Our client required a cleanroom to provide a controlled environment to ISO 14644 Class 7 for the purpose of electronics assembly.

How did we help the client?

The cleanroom solution was designed to fit within the space made available. The 82m² footprint provides separated areas accessible via the personnel change area, with temperature control providing comfort cooling.

How did the client benefit? 

Static charges could cause damage to the end product, due to the highly sensitive nature of the components being assembled. We installed a conductive tile floor, laid on copper earthing foil to the whole area, to dissipate dangerous charges.

We also branded the cleanroom with large bespoke company decals – creating a striking looking cleanroom, with the performance to match.

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