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Hybrid Softwall and Hardwall Cleanroom

Build to: reduce cost and improve product time to market due the short lead times for the completion of projects
Size: 125m²
Type: Hybrid

Class: ISO Class 7 with Cascade to Class 8
Size: 125m2 at 2.5m high
Filtration: HEPA filters
Air changes per hour: 90
Additional features:
Hybrid softwall and hardwall using classic cleanroom panels, clear glazing and softwall curtain strips
2 work areas; 1 change area; 2 goods transfer areas
1,000 lux lighting levels

Why did the client look for a modular cleanroom solution?

The client was attracted by the modular approach to reduce cost and improve product time to market due the short lead times for the completion of projects. They were also looking for a room which was expandable as demand for their products grows. 

They also house 6 additional softwall modular cleanrooms from Connect 2 Cleanrooms.

How did Connect 2 Cleanrooms help the client?

This hybrid softwall and hardwall modular cleanroom was installed to create a clean area for the packaging of pharmaceuticals. The room has multiple zones for goods transfer, packaging and printing.

About the client

A Consort Medical company, a leading global supplier of drug delivery devices for injectable and inhaled products.

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