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ISO 8 Hardwall Cleanroom with Control System & A/C

Build because: a cleanroom was needed during production to meet the Medical Device Directive
Size: 243m²
Type: hardwall

Class:  ISO Class 8 (Federal Standard 100,000)
Size:  243m² (13.5m x 18m x 3.2m high) 
Filtration:  20 HEPA fan filter units
Air changes per hour:  39 air changes
Additional Features:

  • Closed-loop control system
  • Goods transfer area with softwall strips
  • Integrated cleanroom air conditioning units
  • 2 internal support legs utilised as service drops for cabling & power supply
  • Customer’s logo manifested on hardwall wall panels

Why did the client look for a cleanroom solution?

They manufacture medical device components and use a cleanroom during production to meet the Medical Device Directive. 

The company were expanding onto a new site, as demand for their product was growing; so they began looking for a cleanroom solution to meet their needs.

How did the client find out about Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

The client first met us at the 3C Exhibition at the NEC, where they initially spoke with our MD and a Project Engineer.

They liked the fact that that they continued to deal directly with our engineers throughout the whole process as they found the engineers really understood their project requirements and were able to use their insight and experience to advise on various aspects of the project.

Why did the client choose a modular cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

They were attracted by the short lead time and speed of installation, as this meant they could soon be capitalising on their investment. 

Another advantageous benefit was the quality of Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ Closed-Loop Control System.  As the client needed to store audit trail data for their customers, the automated monitoring, recording and control of the particulate level within the cleanroom saves them a lot of time and effort. 

The modular design of the cleanroom meant it could be treated as equipment as opposed to capital, which held a significant tax benefit.  This combined with the lower cost per m² compared to a traditional build style of cleanroom made the modular approach very attractive.

How did Connect 2 Cleanrooms help the client?

The 3D CAD drawing produced prior to sign off on the cleanroom helped the client visualise the cleanroom, so they could see exactly how it suited their requirements.  Due to the fully bespoke nature of Connect 2 Cleanrooms solutions, they were able to increase the height of their cleanroom to 3.2m to allow for their production machinery.

Cleanroom air conditioning units were built into the room for the purpose of comfort cooling.  The integrated system gives the customer peace of mind that the air being produced by the A/C is working in synergy with the HEPA filtration.

The clear hardwall panels allow a high amount of natural light to filter into the cleanroom, it creates a light and open working environment for production staff.  The client's logo was manifested on the clear hardwall panels, giving them the opportunity to emphasise their brand to visitors.

The installation of the cleanroom followed the time schedule agreed and the client was impressed that it only took 4 days.  The validation report was “very thorough” and gave the client exactly what was needed to meet the regulatory requirements of the Medical Device Directive.

Did the client take advantage of Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ consumables division

To furnish the cleanroom they bought stainless steel tables, chairs and anti fatigue mats from C2C’s consumables & equipment division,

They were impressed with the quality of the stainless steel tables and were able to deliver 18 bespoke tables within 2 weeks from the order date.

“I would be very happy to recommend Connect 2 Cleanrooms as I was impressed with their quality of service, build quality and performance.

“They have produced a nice and light environment for our production staff to work in.”

                     - Client Quote
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