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Modular Hardwall mobile cleanrooms with innovative self closing door

Build to: not negate the integrity of the process
Size: 12.9m²
Type: Hardwall

Modular Cleanroom Description
Bespoke Hardwall Cleanroom enclosure to operate to particle counts to ‘at rest’ occupancy state as ISO 14644-1 Class 7 (Federal Class 10,000)
Overall size: 12.9m² (3m x 4.3m x 2.825m high) ISO Class 7
Internal Clearance: 2.4m high 
Filtration: 2 x HEPA fan filter units
Air changes per hour: Outward air changes of 120 per hour and an airspeed of 0.5 m/s at filter face

Additional features:

  • Hardwall to all external walls, 1 softwall internal divide for change area 
  • Panelled steel sliding door with self-closing feature.
  • Internal Change/transfer area
  • Step over bench
  • Cleanroom lighting
A professional supplier in high quality precision, engineering, machining, assembly, grinding, engineering and prosthetic technology. Based in Holland, our client had an interesting proposition for their proposed cleanroom.

The company had a straight forward proposition but with one exciting development – to source a self-closing sliding door, opening onto a change area that did not negate the integrity of the cleanroom and was an affordable option. 

The door performs a unique function in that the self-closing mechanism has a timed self-release device providing an ecological system. The benefits of the door within the cleanroom was the smooth and silent operation, along with aesthetics that are consistent with a cleanroom, e.g. smooth edges and an articulated cover with adapted design for cleanroom applications. Through use of an anti-derailment feature, safety is of paramount consideration.

The customer was very pleased with the installation; the whole process took just under 3 weeks from design and drawing approval, manufacture, delivery to Holland and installation. The modular cleanroom itself only took just 2 days to install with minimum amount of disruption to existing production.

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