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Modular cleanroom for electronic component coating flow line

Built to: deliver a controlled environment for an electronics component coating flow line
Size: 4x modular cleanrooms
Type: Hardwall

Class:  ISO Class 5 (Federal Standard 100) – at rest occupancy state.
Size:  4 x modular cleanrooms
Filtration:  ULPA ceiling fan filter units

About the process

4 x modular cleanrooms were required to provide a clean air solution ISO 14644-1 Class 5 for the electronic component coating flowline.

The bespoke cleanrooms were supplied in assembly kit form and were built on site by trained Engineers. The legs of the cleanroom were bolted to the floor offering secure fixings, using bolt down foot plates and each cleanroom was bespoke designed to fit comfortably around the flowline process covering areas that that required highly reduced particle airflow. This ensured that the process flow line process was receiving full porotection.

The 4 bespoke cleanrooms utilised the ECO-1 Open loop System - Totally automated cleanroom operation with constant data logging of temperature, humidity control

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