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Hardwall modular cleanroom supplied for world leader in Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Sector

Built for: laser cutting and sachet filling use within the Microbiology sector
Size: 15.1m²
Type: Softwall

Class:  ISO Class 7 (Federal Standard 10,000) – at rest occupancy state.
Size:  15.1m² (5.3m x 2.85m x 2.62 high). Internal clearance 2.3m - Change area
Filtration:  3 x variable speed controlled HEPA ceiling fan filter units.
Air changes per hour:  Outward air changes of 143/ hour and an air speed of 0.5m/s at filter face.

A cleanroom was required for laser cutting and sachet filling use within the Microbiology sector.  The precision, versatility and cleanliness of a laser operation is ideal for medical device production due to devices becoming smaller and ever more complex, hence the likelihood of contamination here is high.
Connect 2 Cleanrooms worked closely with the client to recommend a bespoke Hardwall Cleanroom with 2 clear PETg panels for external walls and opaque panels for the change area. 

Why are modular cleanrooms so crucial to these sectors?

Undoubtedly, medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers are at the cutting edge of science and technology. With the potential for new innovations to extend lifespans and alleviate suffering; short cuts in manufacturing here are virtually unheard of.
The cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms ensured a ISO 14644-1 Class 7 (EU GGMP, C) area for their mission critical environment. The modular nature of the cleanroom meant that Connect 2 Cleanrooms could work with the client and provide a perfect bespoke cleanroom in the area provided.

What were the benefits to the client of using a modular cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

With the clients mission to “make the world healthier, cleaner and safer” making the decision to install a cleanroom assures both the company and their customers that their products are always manufactured in a controlled environment.
In this sense, the addition of a modular cleanroom is perfectly in line with the clients’ vision and Connect 2 Cleanrooms was able to aid the client in actively boosting their overall brand image as being a company solely concerned with cleanliness as well as helping them in their aim to increase productivity.
With the Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical & Biotech sectors being some of economy’s most dynamic and life changing sectors, the cleanroom installed allowed the client to stay at the forefront of the industry by embracing such innovative technology. 

How has the relationship with the client developed since the installation of the Hardwall Cleanroom?

Due to the bespoke modular nature of our cleanrooms, the client was able to adjust the specification of the room during the installation process. The addition of a change room further helped to protect the integrity of the room as it offers a clean area to don cleanroom apparel.
The client was able to put their full trust in the cleanroom installation process starting with meetings and recommendations, through to design, manufacture, installation and validation of the modular cleanroom which is now enhancing their business processes. Ongoing support such as Service Agreements, Training and the opportunity to attend the company Open Days are also made available to clients.

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