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Hardwall Cleanroom with Unidirectional Airflow Areas over Integrated Inspection Benching

Build to: allow the client, Maltese visual inspection company, to expand further into electronics & pharmaceutical markets
Size:34.7m² overall (with 9.6m² inspection bench areas, and 11.55m² storage and change areas)

Overall size: 34.7m² (9m x 3.85m x 2.185m high) ISO Class 7
Inspection bench areas: 9.6m² (12m x 0.8m x 2.185m high) ISO Class 5
Storage and change: 11.55m² (3m x 3.85m x 2.185m high) ISO Class 8
 Filtration: 10 x HEPA fan filter units
Air changes per hour: Ranging from 60 - 180
Additional features:
  • Unidirectional airflow over in-built inspection benches
  • Power supply above benches
  • Change/transfer area
  • Step over bench and shelving rack
  • Cleanroom lighting

Why did the client look for a cleanroom solution?

A Maltese visual inspection companyI, have recently installed a modular cleanroom to their facilities to allow them to expand further into electronics & pharmaceutical markets, where industry standards can dictate that certain goods are produced in a classified environment.

How did the client find out about Connect 2 Cleanrooms? 

They found us online and could see from the website that we were able to supply a full cleanroom solution internationally to Malta.

Why did the client choose a modular cleanroom solution from Connect 2 Cleanrooms?

A Connect 2 Cleanrooms consultant responded quickly to their initial enquiry and was soon flying out to Malta to conduct a site survey. They were able to advise on the design of cleanroom and as Connect 2 Cleanrooms utilise in-house 3D CAD facilities, they had the flexibility of design.

How did Connect 2 Cleanrooms help the client?

The cleanroom created an exceptionally clean area for inspection of critical components to allow process confidence and provide a classified environment over the inspection and packaging area. The cleanroom is a classified ISO Class 8 environment, with Class 5 inspection areas that significantly increase the opportunity for an increased scope of work.  Despite the extremely bespoke cleanroom design, Connect 2 Cleanrooms were ready to install the cleanroom just two weeks from the receipt of order.

The customers highly trained and motivated workforce play a crucial part in their faultless third-party manual inspection service and they already boast a team of over 80 inspection workers. The new cleanroom has created an additional 8 clean, light and productive workspaces which can be used by the customers shift-workers 7 days a week.

Did the client take advantage of Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ consumables division furnished the change/product transfer area with a bespoke stainless steel step over bench and product shelving rack to implement cleanroom protocol procedures.


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